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1. Drag the Union Jack and stars to the flag and discover the meaning of democracy.


Democracy Clip


2. Watch ‘What is Democracy?’ 

Synthesising information: Using the information you have discovered from completing one and two write a paragraph about what democracy means.

 Democracy is  fair a government where everyone has a say in who leads the country. People can vote for whoever they want without being judged. People should also have a variety to vote for. In 1854 Gold Diggers from all around Australia rebbeled against the soldiers for fairer rights. This changed our country’s democracy for the better. The Diggers got what they wanted which was equallity. Australia is a democratic country because everyone over 18 can elect a leader. (Maeve)


I believe democracy means to have an equal say in what we think is right. In Australia, we have a leader but that doesn’t mean we are a non-democratic society because each person who is over 18 gets to express their own opinion. Australia is also a democratic society because we all each get a say in who we think should run our country. Also our leader listens and hears each opinion and then decides which one will help Australia most. (Kiara!)

I believe that democracy means that everyone has the right and freedom to have their own personal and private vote or say. I feel that I’m lucky to live in Australia since it is a democratic country and society. Everyone in Austaralia has the opportunity to share their own thoughts and opinions to others. I believe that it’s great that Australia is a democratic counrty, because we have no wars, and have the ability to cast our own vote without anyone telling us what to do. I think that if I lived in a non-democratic country I would never have the chance to have my own say on what I think is right. Also it would be annoying to have one dictator for the whole country , and always be told what to do. (Simone)


Democracy is a government where everyone gets an opinion. In a democratic society, everyone who is over eighteen are able to vote for who they thing deserves to be Prime Minister. In a democratic society, you can choose your own way and you are free to express your opinions. Democracy is a fair government, where everyone over eighteen is able to vote. (Daniel M)   


Democracy means everyone has a say in the election for our prime minister. Democracy became something in Australia around 1854. When gold diggers from around Australia fought for the right to vote. Australia is a democratic country because anyone over the age of 18 can speak their minds without getting judged on who they want to elect as our leader. ( Chanel )

 I belive democracy means choossing your own way, freedom of expresion and to have a say and a vote. Democracy started in 1854 on December 3 a fight took place on Bakershill between the miners and the Great Britain over unfair taxes. I think Democracy works well for Austraila as a great county to live in. (Will)

I think that democracy is your choice and the chance to make your own choices. It is equality and what you think is right. Democracy makes things fair for every one no matter what, and everyones chance to have a say in our future, its not to be put aside. Australia is a democratic society because we have a chance to vote and have a say(Lizzy)


I think democracy is the right to have a say or vote for who you think should lead. I think that it’s good that we live in a Democratic society because everyone has the right to share their opinion on what they think is true. I think Australia is a Democratic Society because it’s a free country and there is no war where we live. A Democratic Society is much more friendly and welcoming than a Dictatorship because everyone is equal and treated fairly. Recently in Australia there was an election where adults had to vote for who they thought was fit to be the Prime Minister. Tony Abbott won the election and will be the Prime Minister until the next election, which is usually in the next 3-4 years. ~ella~


Australia is a democratic country. Adults in Australia are able to vote for who they what as prime minister. (gabriels1)

I believe democracy is very important, even Abraham Lincoln supports democracy he said “Democracy is government of the people for the people.”
Democracy was made on the belief of social equality which means everyone should have a say in choosing their leader in Government, Democracy will always be choosing your own way without anyone interfering. Democracy is the best form of government because it’s very fair, living in a democratic country means you get to share your belief and opinions and it means that we should have a fair government.(Tiarnan)

I think democracy is that people 18 years or older get to have a say by voting. In 1854 December 3nd a fight started between the miners and the British people. 38 people died 5 where surges and 33 where miners. The miners stood up for themselves therefor they got to have a say so they didn’t have to pay the taxes.




Democracy is being able to have an opinion without being judged. Australia is a democratic society because we have freedom to vote for people in our government to make our countries decisions. Democracy still means having a leader but they listen to Australian citizens to make decisions that most of us agree to. (Sienna)


 I believe democracy means a free to vote country. A country where everybody has a say. A country like Australia. A democratic country still has a leader but does not mean they are ruled by dictatorship because people over the age of 18 are allowed to vote for leader.In a country ruled by a dictator there would not be an election and critisism would rule the streets.

Democracy is equality to everyone and everyone gets a say for. Democracy lets people live free and they can choose what they want to do in life. The word democracy means people are rulers. Democracy lets people free to govern themselves. Democracy is choosing your own way of living and dressing. On December 3rd Australian miners rebelled the government and the government stormed in and killed 33 miners.