Task Three: Word Detectives

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Create a class glossary on our current unit of work.

Don't be afraid to add to one another's definitions.

Government: The political party that holds the most amount of seats in parliament.

The system by which a nation, state, or community is governed.(Zak)
 A party that is governed by a nation or state. (Simone)
 A party that is held by a state. (Kiara!)
 A party, nation county or state that is governed. (Chanel)
A group of people that rule the country. (Sienna) 
A group of people that have the authority to govern a state. (Clodagh)                                                                                                                     

Prime Minister: The head of Government or Parliament. (Maeve)

The head of an elected government; the principal minister of a sovereign or state (Zak G)

The head or leader of an elected government. (Simone)

The leader of the government or parliament. (Kiara!)

A person who is head of an elected goverment. (Chanel)

The Prime Minister is somone who gets elected to do this job. They get to make political decisions. (Sienna)

The leader of a goverment. (Clodagh)


Democracy: A way of governing a country in which you elect people to form a government on your behalf. (Maeve)

 A government by the whole population through elected representitives. (Simone)

 A system governed by the entire populaion through  elected members of the government. (Kiara!)

Democracy is everybody having a say in what you want for our country. (Sienna)

democracy is everyone having a vote for who the y want as a minster and everyone can have a say (gab!) 

A society where everyone, no matter what race, religion or gender, can have a say. (Zak G)

A way of governing a country, in wich the people vote to elect a prime minister. (chanel)

 Democracy is were people get a vote fow what they want no matter who they are. (clodagh)

Democracy is everyone getting a vote no matter about their religion or gender.(Tiarnan)

Eureka: An exclamation of triumph. (Maeve)

A clash between gold miners and the police and the military at Ballarat in 1854. (Simone)

 A collision of miners and military in Ballarat, Sovern Hill. (Kiara!)

 A cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something.(Zak G)

A cry out for joy (chanel)

When you have found or discovered something. (clodagh)

An incident between the miners and the police.(Tiarnan)


Stockade: A barrier of strong posts or timber used as an enclosure or defence. (Maeve)

Structure in which convict gangs in Australia, working out lying districts, that were accommodated. (Simone)

 A barrier consisting strong posts or timber buried in the ground. (Kiara!)

 A strong wooden fence built for defence. (Sienna)

strond wooden post or stakes build for defence. (chanel)

a wooden barriar built for defence.(clodagh)


 Politics:The science or art of politicial government. (Maeve

 The activities associated with the governance of a country or area.(zak g)

 Public life and affairs as involving authority and government. (Simone)

 The science of the political government. (Kiara!)

 Leading or managing a country or state. (Sienna)

 Activitesthat are associated with the governance of a counry or area. (Chanel)

Activities associated with the goverment. (Clodagh)


Constitution: The art or process of constituting establishment. (Maeve)

 The body of fundamental principles by which a nation or another body is governed. (Simone)

 A way that a thing is composed or false. (Kiara!)

 A set of easy rules to follow. (Sienna)

a list that is filled with laws. (chanel)

a list of laws and rules. (clodagh) 


Vote: A formal expression of opinion or choice. (Maeve)

 A formal expression of choice or opinion by a show of hands. (Simone)

 A opinion or choice,  either postitive or negative, spoken by an individual. (Kiara!)

A formal indication of a choice between two candidates. (chanel)

 To have an opinion and choose what you want. (Sienna)

A choice between two or more things. (clodagh)