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 Eureka Flag

Participate in an online discussion about the significance of the Eureka Rebellion on Australian history. Make sure you comment on at least one other persons response.

 Points to consider:

 What if Peter Lalor had encouraged gold miners to pay rather than resist taxes?

 What if gold had not been discovered in Australia?

 If there were no police, would circumstances have been different on the gold fields?


Through Australian history the Russian revolution, French revolution, the sexual revolution and the computer revolution have changed the world by ultaring the way we live.  In 1854 the Eureka flag was hoysted above some disgruntled miners because they lost the battle. Men came from all over the world to find gold but there was a cost. It was 30 shillings per month for you to stay and find as much gold as you could possibly find. The miners called this an ‘Unjust Tax on Labour’. The Southern cross represents/defines the Eureka flag and the Union Jack. If gold was not discovered in australia, we would not have as much money and I also believe that men or possibly women would not have any jobs. (Kiara!)  

 Responding  to  Kiara’s  comment,  I think  there  still  would  be  jobs  for everyone,  there is plenty of  jobs  out  there.  I think our government would be different.  I don’t think Australia would be democratic;  Australia could be a communism government or something. But agreeing with Kiara’s comment,  Australia wouldn’t be as wealthy as we are  now if there was no gold.   (Zak  G)

In 1854 the Eureka Flag flew above the gold fields in Ballarat. The miners still had an amount of money that they had to pay, regardless of how much gold they found, even if they didn’t find any at all. From then there has been a mining license. There was one thing clear to all miners, and that was, “no license, no mining”. For some people the Eureka rebellion was the cradle of Australian democracy. I agree with what Kiara Mountford said, that if gold was never to be discovered there wouldn’t be as much wealthy and healthy people, and not many would have enough money for useful jobs. (Simone)

 I think that if Peter Lalor didn’t lead the Rebellion things would have gone pretty much the same because the miners would have still been angry and still had the same feelings about the fee that they had to pay. Although, maybe the diggers wouldn’t have been brought together and maybe they would have been a bit more wild without a leader. If there were no police I think that the diggers would have brought down the rich people who collected the miners fee and our democracy would be a whole lot different. (Maeve) 

 I agree with Maeve I think that if Peter Lalor didn’t lead the rebellion things would have practically been the same. I think that if gold wasn’t discovered in Australia, as Kiara said, there wouldn’t have been many jobs back then, so I’m sure that there wouldn’t be enough jobs for evryone in the century. If there weren’t police back then it may have been different because the miners could have got away with out having a miners licence. (Chanel 🙂


If Peter Lalor didn’t lead the Eureka Stockade everyone wouldn’t know what to do. With no leader there would be no control. If there were no gold discovered in Australia no one would have fought. With no police men the whole fight would have been wild. Heaps of people would have died or been hurt. (Sienna)


If gold wasn’t discoved in Australia then I think that we wouldn’t have a democratic Goverment. If Peter Lalor convinced the miners ti pay there taxes I think that the other countries around the world wouldn’t like us. If there were no Police Peter lalor would of died straight away and our country would be full of criminals.(Tiarnan)