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41 thoughts on “User Agreement

  1. Rodney expresses his feeling and emotion through his boxing, where as Izzy express his feelings through playing competition double Dutch.
    As a result these people are showing that there are many ways in which you can express your emotion and feelings.

  2. Hi guys

    I thought what we read and watched about changing the colour of rope to red which might help save the whales was very interesting. I agree with changing the colour of rope because I think this will help the whales from becoming extinct.

    I think that changing the colour of rope to red would be a great thing to do because a whale is an amazing creature and the biggest animal on earth. It is a shame that this large animal can get stuck in the rope and die so why not try and save this beautiful creature with as little changing the colour. If they become extinct it would be a shame because some people love to watch them and think they are the most beautiful animals in the world.

    I once went on a fishing charter with my family in Queensland and we had the experience of a whale breaching beside our boat and the whales swam under the boat and they were very big and very beautiful. It is amazing to actually be that close to a giant. People pay to go and watch whales swim freely in the ocean and I now know why because they are such a spectacular animal. So lets all get on board and save The whales!

    Bye ☺☺:0

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